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Council 5 Members in Action




2014 Convention

2014 Day on the Hill

Council 5's 2013 Convention

Day on the Hill 2013

Council 5's 2012 Convention

2012 Legislature

  • Photos from Council 5's 2012 Day on the Hill
  • Video from Council 5's 2012 Day on the Hill
  • Photos from union rally to defeat "right to work (for less)" amendment
  • Videos of members telling the truth about what "right to work (for less)" really means:
    Connie Andrews, DNR Local 718
    Erica Kantola, MnSCU Local 4001
    Thomas Walsh, DOC Local 600

Council 5's 2011 Convention

  • Photo gallery from Duluth
  • Video of executive director Eliot Seide's "Prejudice" speech
  • Video: "AFSCME: Fighting for Everyone's Rights"
  • Video: "Making Success Possible: AFSCME at the University of Minnesota"

Tax the Rich Campaign

Shutdown Rallies

  • Video of 'Downeyville' Rally, July 6, 2011
  • Photo gallery from 'Downeyville' rally
  • Video of shutdown eve vigil, June 30, 2011

Legislature's Last Night 2011

Council 5's 2011 Day on the Hill

MnDOT Video of Snowplows in Action

Council 5's 2010 Convention in Bloomington

Council 5's 2010 Day on the Hill

 Council 5's 2009 Convention in Duluth


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