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Using tools old and new, Local 66 member Russ Peterson  keeps track of roads and a whole lot more.

More than 30 years after it started, the Duluth Abuse Intervention Program has received an international award as one of the world’s most innovative and effective programs to address violence against women and girls.

For Minneapolis’ traffic control officers, herding drivers and keeping parking spots open  is all in a day’s work

Around the Clock, Around the State

Whatever the time, whatever the day, AFSCME members are on the job. Sometimes, we do work that everybody sees. More often, we do work that’s invisible. In a special photo essay, we sample and celebrate the incredible variety of work Council 5 members do to make life better, safer, and more enjoyable.

Beyond the armored vehicles, the drone aircraft, the helicopters, the thousands of camouflaged troops, and the year-round military maneuvers, Camp Ripley is a small city. Like many cities around the state, it is AFSCME members who keep it running. Read more >>>

County child-protection workers strive to keep families healthy and intact.


Read more >>>

“Even a guilty guy is entitled to a fair trial.” For public defenders like Hennepin County's  David Cohoes, that is the bottom line. Read more >>>

Homicides and suicides. Fires, traffic fatalities, industrial accidents, and overdoses. Mysterious illnesses. Decomposing remains found in homes, in rivers, or in the woods. These are all typical days at work for investigators in the Hennepin County medical examiner’s office. Read more >>>

City and county prosecutors strive to make sure the law works for victims of crime, the accused, and the public. Read more >>>

Hennepin County child-support officers strive to help parents live up to their obligations.


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AFSCME members make it possible to enjoy your local parks, playgrounds, pools, and picnic pavilions. Read more >>>

It’s the kind of practical advice we all need: How to make better choices in what we eat. How to stretch our grocery dollars and buy more food that’s better for us. How to cook tasty, nutritious meals at home more often, and rely on sugary snacks and fast-food less often. It’s the kind of advice you can get from Minnesota’s community nutrition educators. Read more >>>

DNR crews help maintain Minnesota’s vast network of 22,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. Keeping the trails in shape year-round supports a $1 billion industry with 7,000 jobs. Read more >>>

In spite of constant legislative meddling, Badoura State Nursery continues to grow the forests of the future. Read more >>>

Crime prevention specialists help make neighborhoods safer -- on National Night Out and 364 other days of the year. Read more >>>

Cuts in DHS group homes are going too far, say AFSCME members who have to deal with tighter staffing at the same time they're caring for more dangerous residents. Read more >>>

If Minnesota is indeed The State of Hockey,™ thank people like Local 2454’s Terry Byron, Mike Nielsen and Todd Nelson.

Council 5 is helping in-home providers gain a voice, lift their profession, and improve opportunities for kids and working parents.

AFSCME staff prove that not everything students learn comes from books.


MnDOT’s crews paint highway stripes at a price that private contractors can’t beat.


Whether they’re taking care of state buildings or buying in bulk, workers in the Department of Administration make sure taxpayers get their money’s worth.

AFSCME members keep the visitors – and the animals – happy at the state’s two largest zoos.


From grocery scales to gas pumps, Weights and Measures inspectors provide more than an ounce of prevention.

For 45 years, the Minnesota Vikings have held preseason training camp in Mankato, on the campus of Minnesota State University. Here’s a look at the Local 638 members who get the Vikings’ season off to a good start.

Members of the State Patrol’s commercial vehicle force keep their eyes open to keep roads safer for everyone.


When budget cuts nearly shut down the state’s Sentencing to Service programs last year, the threat rallied AFSCME crew leaders and local allies. It also pointed out how much the programs contribute to individuals and communities.

It takes a lot more than correctional officers to keep state prisons running smoothly.

By heading off problems before they get out of hand, city housing inspectors preserve property, the tax base – and lives.


Few things are more wholesome than a glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream. Minnesota dairy inspectors keep it that way.

Behind the counter, behind a desk or behind the scenes, clerical workers keep the office running

Sara Stack helps parents sleep better. She inspects school buses. Simply put, a bus can not operate legally in the state unless she or another state inspector says so. “Children’s safety, our kids’ safety, is the ultimate thing,” Stack says.

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