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Good News from the Legislature

We increased state agency budgets to pay for raises and benefits for state employees. We gained more money for nursing homes, state prisons, and child protection services. We saved jobs in DHS, MinnesotaCare, and in local governments. We fought off attacks on our pensions. And we fought off attempts to expand tax giveaways for corporations. AFSCME members accomplished a lot at this year’s Legislature. Here are the details

Here's how to contact your elected representatives at the state Capitol or in Congress.

Cash In Your PEOPLE Points Online

AFSCME has migrated its PEOPLE MVP awards program online, giving you access to clothing, merchandise and incentives whenever you want.

As a member who makes voluntary contributions to our union’s political action program, you accumulate points for each dollar you contribute. With the online program, you can cash in those points for AFSCME gear and other union-made, American-made merchandise.


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